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Mar 28, 2009

Shades of Twilight

I'm not ashamed to admit that i'm a great fan of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series - and by extension - the new movie. I'd heard about the books already late - during a TV Show discussing the popularity of book-to-screen adaptations of so many young adult books - and during the show was mentioned the Twilight Books. I got into the series between books 2 and 3 - just before book 3 was released...and now I'm a junkie...

I've the movie on DVD - on my IPOD - and the audio books on my PC, Laptop and IPOD...

and EBooks on my work laptop, for when I traveling.

Much to my surprise - my youngest daughter is also addicted to Twilight. She normally avoids anything with teen angst, romance, or that can at any time be confused with a chick flick...

So while my dad was in the hospital 2 weeks ago - and i was sitting in a hotel room last week, listening to the books - I developed this kit...
There are 16 background papers, and multiple types of ribbons, frames, brads, flowers, doilies, borders and hatpins in a variety of coordinated colors.

Shades of Twilight...
Soft and hard - light and dark - fire and ice - the lion and the lamb.
This kit is for Personal Use Only.
Please share your layouts and i'll post them here!!
and don't forget to leave comments then you download!!!

Mar 15, 2009

Freebie Coming

I've been absolutely buried at work recently!! I'd thought things were going to level out by now, but that is not the case. The good news is that we're hiring someone else into the office - which won't value me much at all except to take away some of the stuff i've been doing that NOT my job! Which will free me up to do MY job!! and then maybe I'll be able to quit working 12+ hours a day!!
I come home at night and just don't have the energy or will to turn on my laptop - and the only time I spend on the computer in the morning (any more...) is to balance the checkbook! I've not really read a piece of email at home for 2 weeks!!

But all that noise being made...yesterday I got started on a freebie kit...
i may get it finished today, depending on how long my conference call for work lasts this morning (argh!! even on Sundays!)
Stay tuned for something coming!!!