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May 27, 2014

I'm between business trips and vacation - with more business trips coming up. I had worked on a bunch of cards while based out of a hotel room for 9 days - and have done a bunch since i got back.  I've started packing a box, instead of trying to wrap everything in an envelope. I've got 70 cards so far....

The cards are all done on StampinUp card base and the background papers are also StampinUp, unless noted.  Stamping was done on Recollections White/Gold shimmery paper, or a cream colored paper purchased in bulk at one of the National Chain craft stores.  Accent DieCuts are cut from papers in one of those "pound of paper" you can get at the same National Chain craft store. The stamps, although from different manufacturers, were all done with Momento ink, and when colored, were with Letraset markers.  And the kit-cards are from a StampinUp kit I'd purchased a few years ago from a vendor on that really big auction website. And all pictures taken after the cards were already tucked, so the insides you can't see any of the inside motifs, but each card does have something!!

There is also some 'templating' going on here (other than the kit-cards) - the one of a kind cards have mostly the top/bottom layout - with a gap in the middle - although i did change that up a few times depending on the stamps being used.  And then there's the groups of the same cards ...But that's OK.  I saw a couple of the "Open the Box" videos, and it would seem that the favored card designers do groups of all the same cards, not all unique like i have a tendency towards.  Admittedly the groups do go much faster!

Sandy from OWH has asked everyone to focus on a few themes - so here's my offerings for her categories.  I will be kicking off again when i get back from Vacation to finish filling the box with Birthday and Miss You/Thinking of You - but wanted a clean break before i left, getting everything in work finished, labeled, tucked, photographed and into the box behind dividers.  

Happy Hellos - These from a StampinUp kit I'd bought years ago - when StampinUp had really nice Stickers. 
These are also "thinking of you" cards - i really like the chairs under the umbrella in the garden.  I may do that again!
Happy Birthday for little Princes and Princesses!  and one of the Kit Cards 
More Kit Cards - Cheers to You - Happy Birthday!
And still more KitCards, and one just because for Birthday!
And "Love You" is another requested Theme.  I really believe this sentiment will speak to military families...
As will this one! Passion from the Heart!
And my Fav - Based on Corinthians! 
Thinking of You ... and home....
I Miss you - Thinking of You...
OK - so i'm a sucker for this stamp too!  
"Thank You" - another requested type of card. 
A couple more Thank You cards - 
And the card kit had a Thank You sentiment in it! 
But i did particularly like this Thank You sentiment...
So It became the basis for a group - The pink ones for the ladies...
A Group of 'Love You...This Much!'  with hand colored balloons - good for guys or gals! These were done with a DCWV printed paper on the front. 
And these green based ones could be for either the ladies or the gentlemen.  The simplicity of the design appealed on this one. 

When I get back from VaCa, I'll do groups for Happy Birthday, Miss You, and Thinking of You i think.  I'm going to try to to work in sets, some for Ladies and some for the Gentlemen - or as with the Love You - something that could work for either!  And maybe some more Castles and Princes and Princesses for the children's Birthday Cards.