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Jan 1, 2015


So Here's my favorites of no particular order.
There were a few others that would have made this list - had i gotten pictures of them before they were mailed off.
Hopefully i'm better about getting pictures in 2015.
I'm still working on putting more variety in my cards, and after seeing all the phenomenal cards presented on the other blogs i have gotten some new inspirations!  Hopefully I'll be home more this year and better able to work with my Cuttlebug and Gazzelle to make better cards!  

Very Simple
Hand Colored for Father's Day
Playing with layered backgrounds 
I really just liked this card - a simple elegance
For Man or Woman...
Die Cut and hand colored "Miss You" 
This stamp is a great size and Message! 
More hand colored Father's Day cards
Window Cards - something I love...
and here are the windows open.  Northwoods!! 
I surpassed my expectations when coloring these for Mother's Day...
...or just to send Love - Jealous of whomever would have received them. 
Monochromic style Thank You 
And again more Thank You cards...