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Mar 25, 2014

Mother's Day Card Deadline at Operation Write Home is this month - 
so I was going to try the OneSheetWonder recommendations, and work on Mother's Day cards all at once.  And in the middle of it all - i fell in love with one of my Mother's Day stamps...

and there were a a bunch of other type of cards in the shipment...
Here is a sampling...

Mar 7, 2014

Again - it's been quite a while since i've spent time here. 

Turns out a lot of my time has been spent working on making cards - the past cupla years i've been growing a skill set in card making.  2 years ago i did Christmas the cards for my own use, and have pretty much made all the Anniversary, Congrats, Sympathy, Graduation, Thanksgiving, Wedding, Engagement, Mother/Fathers Day cards I've needed since.  Last year i added another 120 cards for the 2 offices I support, using that as a way to keep occupied in the hotel rooms I was staying in for a week to 10 days at a time while assisting sites in the enterprise with software implementation.  I had a whole separate rolling bag with nothing but my Craft/Card Supplies.  The housekeeping staff got a real kick out of it - and I was even questioned about the cards by the front desk at one hotel. 

Over the past cupla years I've accumulated quite the collection of dies, stamps, stickers, Peel-offs, and papers and cardstock, and am working on the markers - and I'm not too bad at all this! I'll probably never make money at it - but my efforts seem to make everyone who sees them happy - so i'm banking on that for our military!  

Late last year i discovered Operation Write Home, which is a perfect fit for me!  I wish i'd found them sooner!   I get to create cards - lots of them - and them mail them off to get shipped out to deployed military groups.  My efforts directly benefit military members, and their families!  Regretfully, with the exception of a really cool Wedding Card i made for my daughter last spring, I've not taken pictures of any of them!  I shipped off a box of 59 cards to OWH a cupla weeks ago containing some of my best work ever, and took not a single picture.  

Butterflies - Birthday for teen maybe

Male oriented 

I love window cards!  This is a Happy Birthday ,,,,

with Love - and Flowers! 

Another male oriented Birthday card

Classy maybe - I Love You. 

I Miss You - Home is where the heart is type quote.
These are my favorite kind of cards to make, mayhaps because i spent time overseas while in the military, and understand what it's like. 

Inside of the card.
I leave plenty of space on the inside of all my cards for the military member to write notes - blank area and a lined area, with some kind of accent, and occasionally a border. 

Generic Best Wishes - longer shelf life...
Operation Write Home is reminding those of us who create cards to start really focusing on Mother's Day, as the cutoff is the end of this month.  

So...i will start focusing on Mother's Day...

This will give me a chance to use some of the really cool floral stamps I've collected!