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Apr 7, 2014

I've decided to take pictures of the cards i have ready to go - there's more on my table - but they're not finished yet.  Having watched a few videos at the OWH site  I figured I'd go ahead and do more cards in groups - color groups and design groups...

These 8 cards were done as a group

One of my favorites - from Corinthians

I'm hoping these appeal to someone...
Dreaming of you takes me home
Home is where the Heart is - Home is where love is ~ Miss You
There's No Place Like Home
another of my faves
A trio of Thank You Cards
Thank You for Being so Very Thoughtful
I thank my lucky stars for You
Thank You So Much - You're Amazing
Hand Colored...I envy whomever receives one of these! I so enjoyed coloring them in.

I couldn't help but be in awe of how well I was able to capture what I had hoped to achieve. 
Done on shimmer paper from Recollections...
They still hold the shimmer under the colors
I ran into someone today who also has been doing cards for OWH.  We swapped notes a bit.  I'll be seeing her again on Thursday and I'm hoping we'll be able to come up with something for May's Military Appreciation effort.