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Sep 24, 2008

New Challenges Answered...

I've got the day off...that's a dangerous thing 'cuz i have a bad habit of sitting and feeding my need for creativity...
And Netta, at Creative Victorian, has posted the next round of challenges...
so here's a few things's I've been doing....

A Tribue to
Josephine and Charles

My Grandparents

For as long as I can remember my family made the trip to Queens, New York, and spent a week or two visiting with Grandma Josie and Grandpa Charlie. And for as long as I can remember, as Grandpa read his paper and commented on events of the day, he and my mom would ... discuss ... the stories of the day - usually very energetically.

And they never did seem to agree on much of anything!

This was done to answer the Heritage Challenge at Creative Victorian Designs Forum.

Once Upon a Time...

A couple of years ago Mom and I were talking and decided that it would be a great for her and dad to spend their 50th Anniversary on a cruise ship with their family. One year and 5 million emails and phone calls later, 15 of us boarded the Carnival Cruise ship Glory. Mom, Dad, my sister and brother, their significant others and children, and my husband and I and our children all managed to find our way every day to the dining room for the 6:30 dinner seating - otherwise we all pretty much went whichever way we wanted.

This was my first cruise - and my husband Dan was very supportive of my having custom outfits made up for formal nights, and buying whole bunch of new clothes for both of us. This is a picture of us from in the Dining room on Formal Night.

The page in all white was done to answer a Hodge Podge Challenge at Creative Victorian, and the page with Dan and I is going in the book next to it!

Netta is getting me to start working on pages with only one picture on them...something I'm not used to doing - and i guess can work better than I thought.