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Mar 19, 2015

So, I've been tied up at work so bad i've not been able to do much card making for Operation Write Home...15 hours a day - 21 days straight will do that to you.  
Now that my hotel project is completed - and i'm home for a few days, i find myself packing for another road trip - and a cruise.  And timing being what it is, needs get out the Mother's Day cards i'd gotten done last month to make the deadline.  There's just a few - nothing spectacular.
I've also been making ThankYou cards for the housekeeping staff while staying at various hotels, to wrap around my daily tips, but not having brought a camera, have no pictures of any of them.  That has, however, given me a great opportunity to play with my new watercolor pencils and Gelatos, with hopes of getting good enough to use my newfound skills for Operation Write Home some time in the not too distant future. 
As always, StampinUp cardstock bases and background papers, Momento Inks, big box shimmer and background papers, and mulberry flowers, pieced and glued together with dots.  My rubber stamps have all been remounted on cling cushion for ease of storage, so i really don't remember whose they are.