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Feb 18, 2015

Today is my 25th Wedding Anniversary - and I figured today was a good day to take pictures and ship a box to Sandy at Operation Write Home.  The feeling of accomplishment of taking the pictures and packing the box, along with hoping something I've made would bring joy to someone else seemed a great gift to myself.
Two days ago was "my baby's" 31st Birthday - and the day I was diagnosed with Arthritis in my left, and probably both hands - specifically the thumb joint.  I was prescribed an anti-inflamatory drug (still waiting for notification from the pharmacy that they've received it), and a brace to immobilize the thumb on the one hand.  Both events in one day did nothing for my ego - both reminding me in very personal ways that I'm aging - and not as gracefully as I'd like.  My dear husband got me a brace from the local pharmacy, and in truth - it's helped.  He is also rubbing IcyHot into it my hand/joint in the evenings - that too is helping.  And I got the XRays done yesterday - so supposedly they will define the flavor of arthritis I've got, and whether this is a 'flare up' or the beginning of a progressive deterioration - a prospect that absolutely turns my blood cold.
I'm sure, even if progressive, I've got a few years of useful time left - and will continue to work in a job that is 98% keyboarding - and make cards for Operation Write Home for my sanity as often as opportunities arise.
Work has been extremely demanding - 12-18 hours a day averaging 6 days a week for the past 5-6 weeks - only now on a short 'break' between phases before I jump back in.  Beginning of March will be end of the project (Grand Opening!) I've lived and ate and breathed for the past 5 months.  And that end is actually simultaneous to execution of another which kicks off next week, and then runs through the end of March, and this time across both locations I support.
And the cards being send off today are an attempt to satisfy 2 individual New Years Resolutions.  The first to my dear husband - that of focusing on consuming the towers supplies (paper, cardstocks and more papers) I've purchased and not stockpiling any more - tools and direct consumables like the ATG refills, markers and dies not included.  I did buy some new boxes for storing the paper (clear this time) and organizing my area more, and yes - a few embossing folders and dies...  The second resolution was to myself, that I would try to be more balanced, if possible, in my designs, making for Him and Her equally, or unisex - but to represent both sides if possible.
As always, i'm still using StampinUp cardstock base primarily, and lots of Recollections (from big box craft store) shimmery cardstock, in White Gold, Silver and Champagne.  Background papers are mostly StampinUp, from various sets.  The stamps used are from various manufacturers, but the inks are all Tsukineko Memento (available everywhere!!) and the markers are LetraSet Pro and Flex Markers.  The colored shimmer cardstock used is from DieCutsWithAView and there are a variety of manufacturers represented in the dies.  I strip down the dies from packaging and store them on magnetic sheets in binders, so it's hard to keep track and identify manufactures directly. There are 155 cards in this shipment - and in truth i'm really pleased with some of them! I played with a few new techniques, brought back my beloved windows, and the tags in envelopes on the card fronts.  I'm also trying to incorporate more embossing - although i really wanna try working with coloring on the embossing.  I've also just ordered up some Watercolor paper to go with the watercolor pencils and Gelatos I now have added to my collection of 'tools' - so those are techniques i'm sure will show up next shipment! 

I really liked this stamp - these are more male cards, with stars for accents...
...and here's the same stamp in a more feminine version, with flowers for accents. 
These were from a set of stickers from ??? 
Absolutely feminine - with the inset butterfly.  
This is, i'm afraid, one of my favorite sentiments to work with.  The whole houses and trees makes sense...
Here it is again, in a very different feel, but still with the houses, this time on shimmer cardstock. 
The little circle says "Miss You All The Time" - all on an embossed background.  Blues and purples - equally appropriate for anyone!! 

And the flowers on the tags are all hand colored - Daisies, Tulips and Lily's.  The tags are folded - so there's room on the inside for another message! 
Dreaming of you ...  again.  This time on a pink roses background. 
Thinking of you!  These have a more masculine feel.  
In the oval are the words Thank You! embossed on Very Vanilla cardstock.  The background is Recollections Gold shimmery cardstock, and DCWV Blue shimmer backing. 
This is the same Thank You done for the ladies!  Same Gold Shimmer cardstock used for the embossed background, Very Vanilla sentiment with DCWV  pink shimmer backing.  
Assorted Thank You Cards.  I'd received the unicycle die cut from a vendor - and decided i liked it so much i bought one.  Expect to see it in my next group of cards!
Trying to work more with embossing, and this was a way to use up a couple of already stamped and mounted Thanks sentiments. 

In it's simplicity this card really works!! i may have to do more of these with the bench and lamp post! 
Gold foiled backgrounds and layering.  These came out better than expected. 

I've done these before and decided to do them again.  The deep pink with flowers is for the ladies, green with leaves for the gentlemen. 
Here too the deep pink and green, but with a different stamp.  There can never be too many Thank You cards!!   
Knowing I was doing some 'girly' cards in other places, I figured these would be just fine on their own.  I have a lot of the die-cut boats for the man-cards! 
I had a blast working on these!  And may yet do it again with different sentiments!  These do Happy Birthday, and With Love on 2 of them.  

I figure these would be great for a little girl! Not only did i bring back my Window - but ....
... Each fairy is hand colored differently, kinda coordinating with the outside accents.  
Love my Gazelle!!  These are for the Ladies....
And here they are for the men!! 
These are for the kiddies too!  I tried to use Brights and make them good for boy or girl Happy Birthday. 
And here - again my windows!  Silver shimmer, gold foil, and a Happy Birthday behind the it all! 
Just a few cards using something that i had available - a couple of 'sample' blank cards, an extra tag envelope and bow...

And here again are the tags and envelopes.  Love you at the top and a quote:  "Nothing in live has any meaning except the meaning you give it".  it works with I Love You - for me~~  
Here again is that 'eye chart' stamp this time with ribbbon and foil paper accents - these kinda masculine - maybe ...
... and here it is in a more feminine color mix, still with ribbon and foil paper accents.  

Die Cut tags in envelopes.  "You make me HAPPY in ways I've never IMAGINED possible.  You bring the promise of LOVE to every tomorrow.  You're my one, my only MY EVERYTHING." 
I believe this would be considered a more maculine card...
"You are my true north" is the sentiment.

Not for Valentine's Day necessarily - just to say Love You! 

and Here too - Love You / Miss you!! "I miss our times of sharing and laughing together" 

Happy Birthday - again for a child - or maybe an adult!  these cards could go either way!! 
Love, Love and flowers - appropriate any time of the year! 
And I've done a Few Mother's Day Cards...folded tags in an envelope, either bland inside the tag, or stamped with Happy Mother's Day!! 
More Mother's Day Cards - pink and shimmery white! And using a die cut i love!!! 

This was my favorite stamp last year - and still is!  This worked well on the daisy embossed with one accent i thought. 
Mother's day - flowers and Butterflies!  worked for me!