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May 24, 2015

Operation Write Home, the charity that has supported heroes with handmade cards since 2007, is nearing the end of its mission and will be gracefully retreating later this year.  All cards/donations need to be received by August 1st.   
I know my blog is not very active nor does it get a lot of visits, but just in case someone sees this - now's the time to finish up whatever's out there and get it sent off to Sandy.  More information is available at

So I've once again been gone from home more than i've been home over the past cupla months...and only yesterday got a chance to sit at my table and make a few cards.  I wanted to get in on the Finishing Strong/Memorial Day BlogHop - but turns out i was too late -but i'm still going to post my Red White and Blue card!!!

The white stamped area is 1"X3.8", the red is 2"X4.25". Both sides on the inside of the card is lined with the same White Gold cardstock from Michaels as i used for the stamping on the outside. 

Supplies were very simple: 
Imported Mulberry Flowers from various vendors. 

I did manage to get a few Father's Day card done before my job swept me up...nothing fabulous, but I figured I'd go ahead and put up the pictures. As always, I use StampinUp Cardstock bases, Momento or SU Inks, and the shimmer papers are from Michaels Recollections papers.  

These cards were done with a variety of Jolies Stickers, the Sentiments are gold PeelOffs, and the accent papers are again from some big box discount paper lot. There are some die cuts used, all of StampinUp cardstocks.  I just don't do so well with masculine cards i don't think...i'm much more comfortable with hearts and flowers!  

I'm going to pack one more box for OWH before Sandy pulls the plug.  It's a bittersweet thing, this graceful retreat of OWH from the front lines!