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Oct 17, 2008

Been a Busy Week...and new layouts!

Been really busy this week, both at work and home.

My eldest has moved in for a period of time as yet to be determined, with her daughter (my granddaughter!), and my youngest daughter will be coming back from school on Monday evening. So - I guess the quiet time is definitely over - and we'd gotten so used to it

I did get a couple of layouts done this week as well...
both are very out of style for me, but each has a special meaning.

First is the Hodge Podge Challenge at Creative Victorian...The theme was for Autumn - featuring my favorite (and only) grandaughter, Clarissa!

Next was the Altered Art Challenge...wanting for an advertisement, past, present or future. Dan was the inspiration behind this layout ...

and lastly was the Sketch Challenge - which I also diverted from my norm for. I'd been playing around with a double page spread for a while for New York...mostly cuz of the 9-11 anniversary, and my mom. So here's what I came up with:

I've taken the day off work...and am getting ready to play Wii with my 4 year old granddaughter...and I thoroughly expect her to kick my butt! she's really good at Mario Cart Coin Runners! Maybe I oughtta scrap that!